1. Parasailing

Kerala is known for its diverse water sports, and parasailing is one of them. The famous adventure sports in Kerala involve water sport that is indulged in sea side and beach resorts. This is where the sailor gets strapped to a particular parachute that is attached to a motor boat. The speed boat is responsible for controlling the momentum along with the height while the person who is flying controls the sideways. The sport gives you the best of both worlds as you can view not only the clear skies above but also the pristine water below. You can visit Kerala around October to March to witness clear skies and enjoy the view better.

Ideal for: Youth, friends, adults
Best Time: October to March
Cost: 3500 INR
Location: Kovalam and Alappuzha Beac

2. Cycling and Biking

Cycling and biking are the ideal ways to experience the spectacular beauty of the surroundings. Munnar is widely known for the coffee plantations and Nilgiris that is popular for spice plantations. While cycling, you can also experience the aroma the two different places. Enjoy this sport in the beautiful month of winter when the weather is at its best. Soak into the ambiance of the surrounding nature and enjoy the serene beauty the place has to offer. In addition to these places, you can also go biking through the magnificent paddy fields, tea plantation, forests, and dairy farms. The experience is indeed a memorable one that makes everyone feel close to nature.

Ideal for: Youth, friends, adults
Best Time: November to March
Cost: 500 INR onward
Location: Kottayam to Vagamon, Chalakudy to Valparai, Devikulam to Munnar, Alappuzha to Changanassery

3. Paragliding

Paragliding, a popular sport in India, is also very well practiced in Kerala as well. In fact, this sport has popularized adventure tourism in the land of God. There are several paragliding spots in Kerala that are worth trying. The sport is ideal to be practiced post south-west monsoon as the quality and wind speed are completely predictable and also safe. Gear up to cherish the bird’s eye view of the lush greenery that the sport offers. Before trying several sports, make sure you equip yourself with the necessary safety measures and equipment.

Ideal for: Friends, youth and adults
Best Time: September to January
Cost: 3,500 INR
Location: Vagamon & Varkala

4. Trekking

Trekking is another popular adventurous sport in Kerala that is best enjoyed in Thekkady while walking along the tiger trail. Trekkers can find expert professional guides that help them spot animals on their walking trail along with dense forests. You will be wearing comfortable camouflaged clothes that are extremely inspiring. Not only can you enjoy the atmosphere but also cook in the jungle, spend a night in the tent and spot a tiger, if you are lucky. Trekking rightly gives you a taste of the forests in Kerala.

Ideal for: Kids, adults, and youth
Best Time: September to March
Cost: Starts from 500 INR
Location: Chembara Peak in Wayanad, Kolukkumalai and Meesapulimala in Munnar, mountain ranges near Thenmal

5. Tree House Stay

Tree house is one among several best adventure sports in Kerala that is quite unique in. It is an exquisite way of settling right in the middle of the nature. You can cherish nature from up close by stay a night or two in the tree house where you can get a view of the enticing forest which has a taste of its own. This is a must try on your next visit to Kerala as it will offer you a once in a lifetime experience. You can also witness wild animals, including tigers, elephants, pigs, leopards, bears, wild boars that might surround your tree house.

Ideal for: Kids, couples and families
Best Time: September to March
Cost: 4000 INR to 18000 INR per night
Location: Wayanad, Munnar and Thekkady

6. Kayaking

To know the culture a bit closely, you need to practice kayaking. There are varied kinds of kayaking opportunities available for the visitors to avail from. The backwaters offer an incomparable beauty that is beauty in its truest form. You can witness dense foliage, which can be thoroughly enjoyed through a kayak tour. Individuals are offered kayak and gear equipment and can witness the paddy cultivation, fishing, temples, duck rearing, and other village activities. Kayaking is a highly popular water adventure sports in Kerala for couples that promises a thrilling experience. Enjoy a calming yet exciting feeling while you try out this sport on your next trip to Kerala.

Ideal for: Kids, friends and families
Best Time: September to March
Cost: 1500 INR for a first timer and 1000 INR for an experienced individual
Location: Alaphuzza Beach

7. Snorkelling

Explore the water kingdom at Thiruvankulam, a suburb of port city Kochi while indulging in snorkeling. It is indeed a treat for the water enthusiasts who can find several canals and lagoons in the proximity along with an abandoned quarry that is filled with accumulated water. Individuals are briefed about safety tips after been trained in snorkeling. Enjoy witnessing a wide ranging underwater visibility where you can explore several colorful marine lives like corals, sea urchins, and fishes. You will also be provided a supporting staff who will take videos and photographs of your underwater experience.

Ideal for: Kids, friends and family
Best Time: September to March
Cost: Starts from 1000 INR for 30 minutes

8. Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting is one among several top adventurous sports in Kerala that you simply cannot afford to miss in Kerala. Among all locations, Thekkady is the most desired one, which offers an extravagant Eco-tourism program. Nature lovers must try bamboo rafting. They can easily lie in the bamboo and watch animals such as gaur, elephant, and sambar. This is an exciting and Eco-friendly program that can be enjoyed by tourists of all ages.

Ideal for: Kids, friends and families
Best Time: October to March
Cost: 2500 INR per person
Location: Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady

9. Scuba Diving

Everyone is quite intrigued to know what lies beneath the surface of the pristine waters. Water enthusiasts can enjoy this sport where they can witness the best of coral reefs along with spectacular marine life and vibrant sea creatures. If you are planning to visit Kerala, it is a must to enjoy the exquisite charm of scuba diving that is indeed a once in a lifetime experience. As God’s own country has a diverse variety of vegetation along with a soothing tropical climate, this makes Kerala a perfectly preferred destination for adventure sports.

Ideal for: Friends, youth, and adults
Best Time: September to February
Cost: 5000 INR-6000 INR
Location: Kovalam & Kochi
Stay Options: Trident Hotel Cochin, Secret Garden