1. Havelock Island

Havelock Island is like the Holy Grail of scuba diving and snorkeling! And it is also one of the most popular things to do in Andaman among travelers. The Barefoot Scuba Resort is where you’d want to go if you’re a scuba enthusiast. Whether you’re a rookie, a professional diver, looking for some fun diving or want to get PADI certified Barefoot has a hell lot of options for you. This is surely one of the best places to visit in Andaman and a must include in your list!

Tip: If you wish to dive in the waters of Andaman, plan your trip between November to Mid-April.

2. Ross Island

Back in the days, this place was fondly called the ‘Paris of the East’ by the Brits. But all its glory and tropical beauty was wrecked by the earthquake of 1941 and the Japanese invasion. There are remnants of the English architecture and machine-gun nests that are great fun to poke a finger in. Don’t forget to include this place to your list of places to visit in Andaman!

When to visit: Andaman has a pleasant weather all throughout the year but the most apt time to visit the islands would be October to April. Monsoons hit the shore in the month June.

Location: South Andaman

3. Neil Island

A thrilling holiday experience awaits you in the majestic bay of this island with several fishing boats lined up. A perfect stop for snorkeling and exploring the diverse marine life here, this place is filled with surprises! If it’s some scuba time you crave, then this is surely the kind of destination you’ve been looking for in Andaman. If you are looking for the places to visit in Andaman in 5 days, then this is it! Gear up fellas!

Location: 42 Kms from Port Blair

4. Baratang Island

While you may be wondering what will you do in an island like this on your next visit to Andaman, the enchanting beauty of this place will sweep you off your feet in merely the first sight! The blessed vibes of this place and gorgeous wilderness along with the local tribes residing here will be more than a unique experience!

Location: 150 Kms from Port Blair

5. Barren Island

This island has been proven to be the only place with active volcano in the regions of Southeast Asia. Also, the island was featured in the news in 2017 that covered the incident of volcanic eruption that happened here during that time.

This island derives its name from the fact that it actually is ‘barren’ with no humans inhabiting here due to which one can witness quite a lot of animal species here. On your visit to this island, you can indulge in activities like seaplane ride as well as sightseeing to make the most of it.

Location: 143 Kms from Port Blair

6. Cinque Island

This island is halved into South Cinque Island and North Cinque Island. It is one of the famous places to visit in Andaman, as it is mostly visited by those who want to experience underwater diving. This island lies in the northern region of Duncan Passage and amidst Rutland and Passage Islands.

Cinque Island is also popular because of the fact that it forms a part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park of Wandoor.

Location: North Of Andaman

7. Long Island

This is a small island in Andaman known for its picturesqueness and has been established as a modernized village with well-maintained environment. The beaches of Long Island are covered with lush greenery and intriguing caves. The beaches that are mostly visited by the tourists here are Lalaji Bay and Merk Bay. People flock in here to get themselves engaged in swimming and snorkeling.

Location: 90 Kms from Port Blair

8. Jolly Buoy Island

For all the beach lovers out there, Andaman is a treat to the eyes as there are many white sandy beaches which makes a great place to go and relax. Jolly Buoy Island is one of the best places to visit while looking for a beach to spend the day. Famous for its crystal clear waters and the underwater corals, people love to enjoy a laid back day at this beach.

Highlights of Jolly Buoy Island: This is a no-plastic zone and before entering the beach one has to keep all the plastic at the Wandoor beach.

Location: 30 Kms from Port Blair

9. Viper Island

Every attraction in Andaman adds a touch of beauty to the state and to prove this right here is the Viper Island. Considered as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Andaman, the island derived its name from the various vipers found in the region. There are ruins of prison found at the island and it is said that political prisoners were incarcerated here during India’s struggle for independence.

Location: 4 Kms from Port Blair

10. Ross And Smith Island

While you will be tired of counting the islands, but still Andaman will never run out of it. Ross and Smith’s island are the two twin islands which are joined together to make one single group of islands. Located at the North Andaman which is situated at a few miles away from Diglipur jetty, these islands are genuinely beautiful and can be easily differentiated with other islands. There is a sandbar which connects both the islands and on some occasions it submerged in the water during the high tide and again surfaces up.

11. North Bay Island

In the list of most popular places in Andaman, North Bay island stands to be one of them. This is a magnet for the beach loves and this is the reason people make sure to visit this island close to Port Blair. This island is also known as the Coral Island which is a major attraction in Andaman and attracts people from around the world. Boasting the vibrant surroundings adorned by the crystal blue water and lush-greenery which is also home to some colorful fishes. Apart from taking a glimpse of the beautiful surroundings, there are activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, speedboat and scuba diving.

Location: North of Port Blair, 15-20 minutes ride

12. Red Skin Island

There is more than one reason to visit Andaman when you’re planning an unusual fun vacation. While the beaches are definitely the best part of this island territory, there is the Red Skin Island which is famous worldwide for different reasons. It has an extraordinary elegance which completely leaves the travelers in condition of daze. Situated within the borders of the Marine National Park, this island has a lot of beautiful sights to gaze.

Location: Red Skin Island is just 18.2 kms from Port Blair

13. Little Andaman Island

There are many islands in Andaman and one of them is Little Andaman. It is located near Rutland island and offers beautiful views. This is a great place for island hopping and is home to beaches like Kalapathar beach and Butler bay beach. You can spend a good time at the beaches.

Tip: You need to get permit for visiting Little Andaman.

Best time to visit: November – May

14. Rutland Island

If you are looking for peace and serenity while visiting Andaman, then there can be no better place than this. Rutland island is located in isolation and thus provides the perfect me-time. The beaches of this island are also untouched and unspoiled, so you will get some extra fun of sunbathing at its beaches.

Location: South Andaman

15. Parrot Island

Nestled in the southern part of Andaman, Parrot Island is nothing less than a paradise on earth as it exhibits some eye-pleasing natural landscapes. The island is full of mangrove forests that are well-arranged and look picture-perfect. It is not difficult to imagine why this island got this name. Hundreds of parrots fly to this island and take a swing over the beaches and stay in the mangrove forests. If you are looking for a natural retreat then you must resort to Parrot Island as it is one of the best places to see in Andaman.

Activities: Sightseeing and boating through the dense mangrove forests.